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"This article ['Why The No Child Left Behind Act Needs To Be Restructured To Accomplish Its Goals and How To Do It'] by Gary Ratner challenges us to think deeply about the value of tweaking or more money for NCLB.  America needs to re-think some beliefs about education and Gary makes us look at these assumptions."
  Michael T.S. Wotorson
Former National Education Director, NAACP
"Your article, 'Why The No Child Left Behind Act Needs To Be Restructured To Accomplish Its Goals and How To Do It,' does a terrific job of describing the flawed theory of NCLB as well as the poor enactment of that theory. I certainly hope it gets the attention it deserves."
  Jeannie Oakes
Former Presidential Professor and Director Urban Schooling
UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information
"I was reading your interview in EDNEWS.ORG. I want to comment on your idea that: 'What NCLB needs, but fails to, address is what major policy changes must be made to transform the system from a two-track to a one-track system nationwide.' I couldn't agree with you more. I work with educational data all the time.... Everything keeps coming back to ... different forms of tracking.... You'll never guess what correlates with math tracking if you control for achievement scores. In one school we found that 75% of Hispanic females who scored at the very top of the mastery of objectives on the standardized math tests were tracked low going in to middle school.... I am glad to see your organization exists.'"
  Janet Johnson, Ph.D.
President, EDSTAR, Inc.
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
"I am in agreement with CES' overall goal of producing kids who are competent in challenging subject matters. Of the three conditions you seek to create, the one I believe is the most challenging and the most important is effective teaching. And that's what I'm working on in the District of Columbia."
  Maxine Singer
President Emeritus, Carnegie Institution of Washington
"We know what needs to be done to enable African American children to be academically successful. While it is critical that the schools provide effective teaching and a challenging curriculum, much more attention needs to be focused on the role of parents and other adult surrogates. In the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, we have found that parents, whether single or married, college-educated or not college-educated, can provide the kind of positive family influence and parental supports that empower their children to succeed."
  Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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